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 What are vitamins and how do they work?
 Vita-Complete: All vitamins are organic food substances that with few exceptions (vitamin D, and niacin) the body cannot make. Vitamins are indispensable to the normal functioning of human body. They are necessary for growth, energy, and general well-being. They must be supplied in the diet or in dietary supplements. Without vitamins, humans cannot stay alive. They are needed in every single organ in the human body. As organs perform their functions, vitamins assist them and participate in a body chemical reactions.
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 What are minerals and why body needs them?
 Vita-Complete: Minerals are non-organic substances necessary for proper functioning of the body. There are 60 minerals! in the body out of which 22 are considered necessary for good health. While human body can manufacture some vitamins, it cannot manufacture a single mineral! The importance of minerals is clear when it is realized that all body tissues and fluids contain some or all minerals. Minerals are in bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood, and nerve cells. They are indispensable for mental and physical well-being. All the complex substances the body needs to build new and healthy cells, are dependent on minerals. The human body cannot maintain good health without a complete set of minerals that are included in the daily diet.
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 What are trace minerals?
 Vita-Complete: In the human body, there are minerals that exist in minute quantities and traces, yet they play a major role in health, being essential to the assimilation and use of vitamins and other nutrients.
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 Why Vita-Complete and other manufacturers sells supplements containing vitamins and minerals?
 Vita-Complete: All vitamins require for their proper functioning presence of some minerals. Cell breakdown, leading to diseases, is the result of missing of some minerals or vitamins. There is 'working relationship' between vitamins and minerals. For this reason vitamins may be ineffective without minerals.
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 Do I need to take vitamins and minerals supplements?
 Vita-Complete: There is no simple answer to this question. Vitamins are needed in small amounts. It is not necessary to take vitamin and mineral supplements by healthy individuals following healthy full diet and healthy living. In fact taking excess of vitamins and minerals can be dangerous and can increase the risk for kidney stones, liver and kidney damage. However, people drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and exposed to stress or pollution 'loose' the vitamin and minerals in accelerated pace causing the deficiency. Some vitamins and minerals are expelled from the body with urine when a person drinks, even small amounts of alcohol contained in bear, wine or hard liquor. Smoking prevents proper functioning of some vitamins and stress 'burns' them.
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 What supplements do I need?
 Vita-Complete: Vita-Complete sells different formulas of the vitamin and mineral supplements. The needs for vitamins changes with age and the vitamins that are formulated for children will not be as effective on a 60 years old body as the formula design specifically for seniors. In addition as people grow older they encounter different stressful situation, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol that destroys some of the vital ingredients necessary for the body. For these reasons we offer:
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 Is there a difference between vitamin from natural sources or synthetic?
 Vita-Complete: Vitamins from food and synthetic have virtually the same action in the body that do not distinguishes the difference between vitamins from foods and supplement pills. However, the raw materials used in production of the supplements can come from various sources and substantially differ in the quality. Vita-Complete uses only the top of the line ingredients in the manufacturing process. It is true that this increases prices of Vita-Complete products but it is considered that by doing so, the purest and the best product is provided. Vita-Complete considers it to be of utmost importance to sell the best product available.
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 Do children need vitamin and mineral supplements?
 Vita-Complete: A human body begins to build itself from the food it absorbs from the mother's womb and to proper development must be provided with all necessary ingredients. If there is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, a child may develop a deficiency disease and not develop properly. They do need increased amount of some vitamins and minerals, while some others can safely be skipped. This is a reason why children should not be fed 'adult' supplements. Again, if the child eats properly and has a balanced well prepared diet probably no supplement is needed. On the other hand how often children refuse to eat spinach, or broccoli that provide their organisms with, enough calcium needed at this point to build new growth bone. Moreover, the effects of serious illness, or even a cold, flu, other virus or even pollution may have serious, negative effect on a child's development and adding vitamin and mineral supplements may be necessary.
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 What effects can have absence of vitamins and minerals in the body?
 Vita-Complete: In essence without vitamins, and minerals humans cannot survive. The deficiency cause diseases which may even lead to a slow and painful death!

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